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About Us

Cuddle Cushion was borne out of a need to solve a challenge we had as Pawrents (pet parents). No Pawrent should have to watch their fur babies and feel as helpless as we were back then.

Whether it was leaving them for the day to go to work or loud bangs / crackers being set off, their behavior change was immediately noticeable. Back then we thought we could only rely on a medical solution to help them calm their nerves and ease their anxiety. Then a veterinarian friend suggested an alternative, which actually worked so well that the concept of The Cuddle Cushion was born. Our Goal: to provide a non medical alternative to animal stress & anxiety to all Pawrents.

The Cuddle Cushion combines luxurious faux fur, high-quality material, ultra-soft materials to create the comfiest fluffy dog bed that is easy to wash and most of all: Pawfect for your fur baby!